Choosing a web host for your new site launch

So here you are planning you your next big site launch. You have taken into account everything so far. The theme is very fresh, edgy and matches perfect for its purpose. The content is all completed, from web pages to blog posts to forum rules, it is all there. Now there is a sneaky suspicion that you may be forgetting something. The last thing on the list, and often times overlooked aspect of launching a new site is the web host you choose to put it on.

Now, deciding on which web host is the best for your new site comes down to a few things. First thing you need to keep in mind is what kind of initial traffic you will be receiving when you open your site. If the site is for a planned product launch, and you expect a large amount of traffic, then a regular shared hosting account might not be adequate. These large launches often times will crash servers, especially ones that do not have the processing power.

Shared hosting is a good option for startup sites that will not be receiving any initial traffic until you are able to promote it. The bandwidth requirement will be substantially lower than a product launch, and traffic will slowly build over time. Shared hosting is the perfect option for this kind of site. As the site beings to gain more traffic, you always have the option to upgrade later.

If you are starting a membership site that offers different tools and options for new webmasters, then a different choice might be appropriate. Reseller hosting can be a great tool to use when starting a website such as this. The advantages of using a reseller hosting account are numerous. You have the ability to sell the hosting service to your new subscribers, and package it as if it were your own. Spread out the allotted bandwidth and memory between subscribers, and charge a couple dollars more than you are spending. As your website grows, you have the ability to gain a sizeable income, which comes in every month.

Going back to a large product launch, neither shared nor reseller hosting will suffice. The best immediate choice is to upgrade to your own dedicated server. Owning a dedicated server allows you the privilege of hosting advanced scripts, set your own operating system, and set up users underneath you to deal with certain remedial tasks. Dedicating servers are capable of handling a much larger volume of visitors. This gives you the best defense against an overload of information to your server and its inevitable downtime.

If you are hesitant to purchase dedicated hosting before seeing the rush of visitors, you can start with a virtual private server, which has more CPU capability than shared hosting, without the costs of dedicated hosting. With most of the options you would have with dedicated hosting, and most of the power, you can take the chance with VPS. If after launch you feel an upgrade is in order, there is only one step left to climb. If you are looking for more Web Hosting Info, the web is PACKED with it!


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